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Anet Pichler  – General Manager
I concluded my MBA at IE Business School in Madrid, with focus on Entrepreneurship and followed 10 years of Retail chain management in Spain, where I specialized in franchise systems’ management. In 2010 the crisis opened new opportunities and decided to found a startup based on my personal concept. I speak fairly well 5 languages and I learnt them all outside the typical school environment. This hands-on experience is the basis of Angolfalu and our aim is to make available this effective and inmediate method to all language learners.

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Nikolett Skandera – Project Manager
I studied Social Sciences and now I am doing my Master’s degree in International Human Rights. I was camp coordinator of Angolfalu’s 2016 Summer Camps. Earlier, I volunteered to work with asylum seekers, children raised by the state care, Romani girls and Turkish kids – all of which I greatly appreciate. I learn Spanish and French and in my free time I enjoy jogging, attending concerts, watching documentary films and going out with friends.

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Katalin Visy – Head of Studies
I moved to Budapest from the UK where I studied Development Education and Global Learning at University College London. In the last 10 years of my professional career I coordinated various educational programmes and youth projects in Hungary, Scotland, India and London.  My special field of interest is non-formal and alternative pedagogical approaches to learn more about and engage with the wider world. At Angolfalu, I am responsible for developing content and methodology for our innovative programmes. I also love yoga, and enjoy walking, reading and spending time with friends in nature.

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Julia Klinger – Marketing Manager
I lived in Hamburg, Germany for 5 years, but because I love Budapest so much, I decided to move back to Hungary. Now, I study Financial Management at the International Business School of Budapest. I enjoy it a lot, but I love online marketing more.



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Alyssa Lopez – Conversationalist
I have lived in the USA up until May of this year when I made the decision to follow my heart and move abroad. I have been living in Budapest since July and I am so in love with this city and culture. I am now a freelance Social Media Manager and in my free time you can find me studying in my Hungarian language class or cuddling with my very sweet kitten, Béla. 

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Jack Bache – Conversationalist
I instantly fell in love with Budapest the moment I arrived in August. I’ve been living and working in the city ever since. I studied sports coaching and science at college, along with A level English. I started up my own garage door business in the UK, which was a challenging but great experience. Football is my biggest passion, playing & watching.

More about Angolfalu

The Angolfalu Ltd. was established in 2014 in order to provide Hungarians with the possibility to learn the English language, by the worldwide already proven solution of native-language boarding-camps

The basics of foreign language learning are language classes with a language teacher. However, these classes do not include a personalized learning rhythm. Additionally, because of the focus on grammar, most students tend to stagnate at a certain level. Because of the lack of opportunity to use the acquired language skills as well as the lacking sense of achievement students cannot improve their communicative competence.


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