AF Conversation Club

Practice and entertainment at the same time

 We created the Conversation Club to encourage and make people engage in conversations in English at a regular basis. On Monday, every week this is a place for our guests to practice English effortlessly and enjoy great conversations while meeting new people. In order to increase the feeling of success we involve our native English speaker and foreign colleagues from all around the world. 

Throughout the weeks a great community gathered to inspire and motivate each other, join us and be part of the Conversation Club experience! 

Recommended English level

Our Conversation Club is open to everyone regardless of their English level. However, our recommendation is for people to have a lower intermediate level of English, in order to be able to fully participate, enjoy and improve.

Also, if you are from abroad, join us and get to know new people while speaking English with them continuously! As a native speaker, if interested click on the ‘Work with us’ tab to explore your options!

Time and place

The event is held every Monday from 6 to 8 pm until May 29, 2017, which will be the Season Closing Conversation Club.

The location is the Szatyor Bár és Galéria, which provides an engaging atmosphere close to the office of Angolfalu and Móricz Zsigmond körtér. The exact address is the following: Bartók Béla road 36, 1111, Budapest.

The AF Conversation Club is free of charge!

Our conversationalists come from the following countries: 

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If you have any questions, contact us here: