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In Angolfalu’s native english language camp, the main focus is improving on your English language skills. In addition, with the help of the training, you can develop skills related to your future studies, if you wish to be eligible for the requirements of a foreign university program. Finally, during the program we put great emphasis on mixing cultural elements in the development of English. Like all Angolfalu programs, the Junior Camp also brings together students and English native mentors, in order to create a diverse and culturally rich learning group, in which the participants take an active role and learn from each other.

What are the components of the program?

Exam Preparation / Academic Skills Workshop

If you are preparing for intermediate or advance language exams, you will be attending language exam preparatory classes every morning. The lessons are shaped for your individual need and they are followed by related tasks to be completed individually or in small groups.

If you are ready to study abroad, you will be taking part in interactive workshops every morning. These workshops focus on helping you prepare for the challenges that you may expect from the university. We will cover a wide range of skills -negotiation techniques, reasoning, presentation skills-, and also themes related to your future uni life such as living on a budget, shared economy resources or the introduction to campus life.

Conversation lessons

With your native English mentor, you will take part in 2 to 1 conversation classes, the focus of which depends on what your goals are. Some topics cover foreign cultural differences, habits, others cover language exam topics or idioms. You will practice and improve fluency, listening comprehension and pronunciation so that you can comprehensively improve your communication skills while interacting with a wide range of accents. These lessons will also enable you to learn about different aspects of the culture of each country, such as history, geography, political and economic environments.

Active leisure

Besides 3 hours language exam preparation / academic English training and 4 hours of conversations, you will live with English native mentors at the Erdőtarcsa Castle Hotel. Comfortable rooms, excellent cuisine, a huge garden, pool, tennis court and a mini golf course are at your disposal to make your stay comfortable. All things combined ensures an unforgettable summer.

Expected results


By the end of the week, participants will achieve significant improvements in fluency, pronunciation and speech comprehension, and will use the English language more confidently, promptly and efficiently. We provide written feedback on the progress of the participants in the main language learning areas. Participants will be able to discuss their experiences with their teacher on a final consultation, they receive personal assessment of their performance, and recommendations on how to take further steps in their development.

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