International English Camp 2018

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International English Camp – AF Summercamp

Finally a camp where the official language is English. Here the children speak English from their arrival to departure, while engaging in exciting and varied leisure and sporting activities, all the while developing their hearing and speech comprehension.

We have been organizing international camps since 2014, for children ages 9-14 years old. We focus on communication, speaking skills and the use of language in everyday life. As a camp, we have contributed to the spectacular development of more than 500 children’s English communication skills. The Angolfalu International Summer Camp is unique because we create a multicultural environment with our foreign team of counsellors and animators. Without having to leave home, we offer an affordable mean to the children’s English language development without the high costs abroad and the dangers of traveling.


International Team

Angolfalu’s international team consists of well-trained teachers and counsellors/animators with previous camp employment. At camp, for every three children, there is one native English speaker. This is a fantastic ratio. 

Fantastic and guaranteed results. In the video, the Campers themselves share what it was like to communicate in English during the Camp.

The camp is extremely effective for children between the ages of 9-14 years old. Children are not only receptive at this age but have inner courage to verbally develop their communicative English skills. Soon it starts to feel natural and they quickly develop their English communication. Their self-confidence begins to grow within the first few days. Oftentimes, instead of switching to Hungarian, the campers attempt to speak around or gesture to explain what they want to say. By doing this they acquire new and consolidate older vocabulary.


Two programs within one camp

International Adventure Camp

Adventure camp is full of challenges, games and team competitions. During the week there is 35-40 hours of English games and 20 hours of English Classes. Arrival to Camp is Sunday afternoon with departure Saturday morning. 6 nights of accommodation with 5 meals per day.

International American-British Sports Camp

Similar to the Adventure Camp, but instead of 20 hours of English Classes there are 20 hours of Sports activities originating from English speaking countries (ie. Baseball, Softball, American Football, Touch Rugby, Cricket, Touch Ultimate Freesbie etc.) which the children participate in. 

Sample Daily schedule



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