Angolfalu Summercamp

Angolfalu Summercamp – for children aged 8-14.

American-style summer camp in Hungary, at three locations, from 99,000 HUF.

A unique opportunity for children to spend a week at Angolfalu Summercamp and learn to use English confidently in an English-only environment, supported by a native speaker teachers and staff.

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Angolfalu’s Summercamp programme is for children aged 8-14, who wish to learn and practice English in a native environment, with the help of British, American, Australian and Irish teachers and mentors. All this is possible in Hungary, safe and close to home, without the stress and expenses of travelling abroad. Unlike how children learn all year in school, this programme isn’t about studying the language from course books. Instead, at Angolfalu Summercamp children learn very naturally as they communicate in English 24/7 in a stimulating, fun and culturally diverse environment.


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The Angolfalu Summercamp experience…

Summercamp is designed to support the development of children’s English competences in a fun, engaging and interactive learning environment. Children will communicate in English from breakfast to bedtime, practicing their speaking and listening skills through collaborative projects, playful exercises and sport activities.

Angolfalu Summercamps are held at our exclusive and beautiful venues, where children are supervised and guided by native speaking teachers and mentors. We have a 3:1 ratio of children and staff at any given time which means children are safe, supported in their learning and interactions in English, and are being challenged and engaged continuously through a diverse range of programmes. Activities are run from 8am to 10pm offering a set of different options, so participants can choose whether they wish to engage in an artistic project, an intellectual challenge or a physical activity for each of the workshop sessions.

If you are thinking about applying, the first step is to fill in our online form with the key details of the parent and the participating child. We will contact you via email with a link to a quick placement test (a language level assessment) and a more detailed questionnaire to gain an understanding of your needs, objectives and preferences for the programme. We will also send you information on payment and deadlines. If you wish to go ahead, we’ll sign a contract and request payment, and finally, we’ll send you all logistical details and arrival information two weeks before the start of the programme.

Summercamp in pictures

Indicative daily schedule

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Skills workshops offer the opportunity for children to engage more deeply with a project, to look at a particular topic in detail, and to develop their English skills in a focused way. These 3 times 45 minutes long sessions are compact and do not distract children from participating in the life of the camp for too long, at the same time, they have a real positive impact on children’s self-expression, physical aptitudes and communication skills. Their level of motivation and confidence is significantly improved by the positive engagement and sense of success children experience during these workshops.


Building strong foundations for English is inevitable for beginners even in this unique learning environment. Therefore children who have not learnt English before the camp, or tested as beginners during our assessment will attend compulsory classes throughout the Summercamp programme.

Our amazing venues: Cegléd – Nőtincs – Balatonkenese

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July 2. – July 7.   //  July 9. – July 14.

August 20. – August 25.   


June 18. – June 24. // June 25. – July 1. FULLY BOOKED

July 16. – July 22.  // July 23. – July 29.


July 30. – August 5.   //   August 6. – August 12.

July 30. – August 6. //   August 6. – August 13.

August 13. – August 18. //   August 6. – August 18.

July 30. – August 12.   //  July 30. – August . 13.

July 30. – August 18.