We are looking for qualified English teachers to deliver input sessions for our TALK programmes. Our 5-day immersive residential course is held in once in a month a mansion house in Erdőtarcsa, about 50 km’s outside Budapest.

Input sessions focus on functional language, listening comprehension and pronunciation in the context of general and business English topics. Throughout the five days, we work in small-sized and level-appropriate groups with participants. Key outcomes of the week for participants are an increased sense of confidence and comfort speaking English, and improved skills that enable them to engage in real-life conversations efficiently and with success in a native language environment.

The ideal candidate is:

  • experienced in teaching a range of levels (pre to upper-intermediate);
  • able to efficiently support participants to meet learning outcomes over the allocated time;
  • skilled at adapting teaching materials and methodologies to specific group needs;
  • friendly, open minded and would enjoy being in a fun, multicultural environment for 5 days.

Over the course of the programme, we will expect you to:

  • deliver 6 hours of language teaching every day (4 days Mon to Thu = 24 hours overall)
  • participate in short group sessions in the morning and afternoon ( 1.5 hours daily)
  • offer slots for optional one-to-one tutorials for participants to look at specific learning issues
  • write-up individual final evaluations and give personal feedback for participants

Practical details:

Angolfalu will provide you with comprehensive logistical and administrative support throughout the programme, including:

  • Course syllabus and lesson planning materials
  • Printing facilities
  • Transfer between Budapest and Erdőtarcsa
  • Full board and accommodation in a private room

Financial remuneration:

We are able to offer a fixed short-term contract, with the salary of 100,000 HUF (incl. VAT) for the entire programme.

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