Angolfalu Junior Camp

 Need English for your university studies? Need help with your language exam?

Gear up for your university years with our immersive, intercultural English language program. Develop your academic English skills and prepare for your language exam with Angolfalu.

Angolfalu’s Junior Camp is a comprehensive, in-depth course designed for young people aged 15-21 who are planning to pursue their academic studies in the UK, US or in another country, in English. The programme offers the benefits of an immersive, English-only programme that can accelerate your language learning, therefore ideal  before taking a language exam. It is held only an hour away from Budapest at an exclusive venue in a beautiful and fun learning environment.

Besides focusing on the development of your English language skills, this course will help you develop particular academic, study-related skills to ensure you can meet the challenges and requirements of your university programme abroad. We will also offer information, guidance and support which will help you prepare for adapting to living and studying in a foreign environment. 

Our approach to working with young people places particular emphasis on integrating cultural elements into English teaching. Similarly to all Angolfalu programmes, our Junior Camps bring together learners and native English speakers to create a diverse and culturally rich learning group, where language learning is driven by the motivation of participants to actively engage with and learn from each other.


How does it work?

  • Have 3 hours of Academic English or Language Exam prep classes every day
  • Participate in 4 hours of one-to-one conversational sessions with native English mentors daily, focusing on learning about cultural specificities and tips for living abroad
  • Learn through debates and presentations to develop and strengthen your academic skills
  • continue to use English during the whole course as you live and socialise with native speakers for a full week.
  • you stay at a beautiful castle hotel in Erdőtarcsa, living, learning and interacting with an English-only group for a week.
  • Group size: 25 students and 15 teachers and mentors

What will the course include?

Language exam preparation

If yor goal is the successful language exam, during the mornings you will participate in three hours of English lessons per day, focusing on the development of key skill areas of preparing IELTS, TELTS, Origó, you name it. Classes are taught in a variety of interactive and communicative ways, often based around particular tasks to work on and solve individually or in a collaborative fashion.

Academic skills workshops

If you aim to continue studying in English in the mornings, you’ll attend interactive workshops that will help you prepare for the work you’ll be doing at university. We will cover a wide range of skills and themes such as participating in discussions and debates, structuring an argument, giving effective presentations, research skills, writing source-based assignments, and making the most of lectures. Aims of the sessions are also to develop awareness and use of the conventions of academic English.

Conversational sessions

Our native language mentors will have one-on-one conversational sessions centred around topics relevant to living and studying abroad or directly oral  examination topics. You will practice and improve your fluency, listening comprehension and pronunciation, to enhance your English communications skills overall with a diverse range of accents. These sessions will also provide an opportunity to learn about different aspects of culture, such as history, geography, popular culture, arts, and political and economic context of various countries.

Outcomes for participants

By the end of the week, participants make significant progress in terms of fluency, pronunciation and comprehension, and become more confident, proactive and efficient language users, both in social and academic contexts. We provide written feedback on participant progress in key areas of language learning, showing your improvement in different areas in a visual diagram. You will be able to discuss your experience during a final tutorial with your English language instructor, receive personal assessment of your performance during the week, and recommendations for next steps for your further development.

Junior Camp dates and prices


6 days

July 2-7. – 259. 000 HUF

July 9-14 – 259. 000 HUF 

July 23-28. – 259. 000 HUF

July 30. – August 4. – 259. 000 HUF 

7 days

July 2-8. – 289. 000 HUF

July 9-15. – 289. 000 HUF

July 23-29. – 289. 000 HUF

14 days

July 2-15. – 499. 000 HUF 


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