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Intercultural communication training


Learn English in Budapest in an English-only environment with native speaking mentors and learn to express yourself more fluently and confidently in English.

LiveWire is Angolfalu’s non-residential shorter language course designed especially for adults to develop their communicative competences and overcome their language barriers speaking English.


Most of our participants have been learning English for many years, but find themselves struggling in situations when they need to communicate in English in various situations in their personal life, work, or when travelling abroad. Our course offers the benefits of practicing English in a stimulating, fun-packed and stress-free environment, and learning about authentic language usage with native speakers from around the world.

LiveWire is offered as a 2 or 3-day intensive course in Budapest, making it ideal for learners who wish to practice and develop their English language skills with an innovative, intercultural methodology at an accessible location and format.

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How does it work

You will spend 2 or 3 consecutive days with our native speaker language mentors;

From 9.30 to 15.30 participate in one-on-one conversational sessions about topics tailored to your interests and language level with different native trainers;

Learn through interactive games, debates and creative group activities;

And continue to use English during the whole course as you develop relationships with interesting people of various cultural backgrounds.

The course is offered in two versions: in a shorter, 2 day and a longer 3 day format for our new and returning customers. 

What will the course include

Private conversational sessions

You will have 40 minutes individual conversational sessions one after the other, with native speakers from across the world, most commonly from the US, UK, Australia and Canada. Conversational sessions enable you to practice your speaking and comprehension skills with people using a wide range of accents. The conversationalist’s role is to support you to make the most of the interaction, offer feedback on your language, and model appropriate usage, which are all important aspects of successful acquisition.

Group activities

To add variety to the programme and inject a fun element to the schedule, we organise group activities for learners to participate in every morning and afternoon. The group challenges, creative games, debate forums and many other activities are designed to provide a diverse array of opportunities for interactive learning and in doing so, for participants to practice English language in a fun, effortless way.


We use various locations, depending on the size of the group. One of our favourite is in central Budapest, Kőleves Restaurant and Venue. The restaurant’s unique, vibrant atmosphere and colourful garden provides an inspiring environment for the conversations and learning during the course. Another venue for smaller groups is the Marriott Hotel’s lounge on the Budapest corso where again international environment spices up the language learning process. 

Outcomes for participants

With the help of this course, participants can make significant progress in terms of fluency, pronunciation and comprehension, and successfully overcome communication blocks they have been struggling with for a long time.

They become more confident, proactive and engaged language users, building on the positive experiences and multiple inspirations provided by this course.

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We believe that language learning cannot be separated from learning about different cultures and experiences – in fact for many, this is the key motivation for learning English. Our English-only, interaction-focused approach – which looks at language primarily as a vehicle of communication and exchange, rather than as study material – greatly improves language proficiency and contributes to the development of key communicative competences.

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We select conversationalists on the basis of their personal and professional background, and match these to our clients’ interests to make sure you can discuss topics relevant to your work and life. You are guaranteed to have a great time exploring similarities and differences in cultures, lifestyles and opinions, to expand your horizons, and to build friendships along the way.

Why choose Angolfalu

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2 day LiveWire date and prices

2 day LiveWire date and prices

2018. December 14-15.

2019. February 15-16.

2019. March 8-9.

2019. April 5-6.

2019. April 26-27.

2019. May 17-18.

2019. June 14-15.

 HUF 99. 000


3 day LiveWire date and prices

3 day LiveWire date and prices

2018. December 13-15.

2019. February 14-16.

2019. March 7-9.

2019. April 4-6.

2019. April 25-27.

2019. May 16-18.

2019. June 13-15.

HUF 149. 000


How long: From Friday to Saturday, day-to-day 8 hours, 9:30 – 15:30

Size of Group 12-20

How long: From Thursday to Saturday, day-to-day 8 hours, 9:30 – 15:30

Size of Group 12-20

Activate your English knowledge by Angolfalu

Location: Kőleves Restaurant and Venue (1075 Budapest, Kazinczy Street 41.)