In the past one and a half years I have visited Angolfalu for 4 weeks all in all, since I needed a very rapid increase considering my English skill level. In this year I improved from level A2 to B2 and today I express myself in English with greater confidence.

Hoffmann Zsolt Smart Digital Kft

I have enjoyed myself throughout the week spent at Angolfalu. Especially, I liked the situational tasks both during and apart from the language lessons. I left the program with greater self-confidence and also my communication skills have improved.

Gidófalvi Gabriella - MOL

I had difficulties considering my listening sills and I have improved myself greatly in his area of English language, since at Angolfalu I was confronted with a wide range of accents and different ways of talking. Continuous communication was in the foreground by which this week was very productive. I would love to return at any time.

Tőzsér Áron

Dear Angolfalu! I have completed my IELTS language exam successfully! In the written part of the exam I reached 7.0 points and all in all 7.5. Andrew and everyone else I thank you for your help! Best regards!

Klemanovics György

In one week I have reached my goal, that I can initiate conversations on my own in English. I have improved myself greatly.

BR 2

It was a greatly successful week, since I made huge progress. I wanted to improve my English skills immediately before I started working at my new workplace. Since then every shame and stoppage I had when speaking English disappeared. Even in more challenging situations I can express myself in English, which is much appreciated by my colleagues.

Márai Gábor

After a week at Angolfalu’s summer camp my daughter became much more confident in English lessons at her school. Finally, she uses her English language skills also while we are travelling.

Angolfalu - Vélemények

My daughter was just as re-born after the time spent at the summer camp last year. Before she was always very silent in English lessons at school, since she not always answered her English teacher’s questions. After Angolfalu she is always the first one to answer questions in class. Even her teacher mentioned that her English skills have improved greatly over the summer. Thank you Angolfalu!

Angolfalu - Vélemények

In the summer of 2015 and 2016 our twin sons have spent each summer one week at the camp of Angolfalu. We in the family have pushed forward this idea, since our goal was that our boys express themselves more confidently in English. This expectation of ours was met completely and the boys enjoyed themselves very much.

Already on the first day they adapted to the rhythm of the summer camp. From what they have told us the programs, the atmosphere, the environment and the board etc. were exceptional.

Angolfalu - Vélemények