Elmélyült munka, intenzív angol tanfolyam

Job opportunities at Angolfalu

We are always interested in hearing from people who would like to get involved with our unique, intercultural approach to teaching English. We would like to hear from you if you have a genuine interest in working in the field of language learning, and possess the relevant skills, experience and qualifications for the following work areas:

  • Conversationalist 
  • Programme Coordinator/Facilitator
  • English teacher (general, academic and business English)
  • Summercamp Director
  • Summercamp Deputy Director

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About Angolfalu

Angolfalu is training company providing English language courses in Budapest, Hungary. Our clients are adult professionals and young people aiming to improve their communicative competences in English for academic and business contexts as well as for social purposes.

Our approach

Central to our approach working with people is an immersive, intercultural environment for learning English. For each of our courses, we work in learning groups with an equal number of native speakers and participants, and pledge to speak English only for the entire length of the programme to support breaking down often long-existing mental and skills-related barriers using the English language.

A core element of our programmes is semi-structured one-on-one conversational sessions with our native language mentors. For some of our courses, conversation sessions are blended with more traditional teaching input in small groups, using student-centred, communicative methodologies. We also use a wide range of interactive elements – group challenges, creative games and debate forums – to create a genuinely rich, inspiring and fun learning environment for our participants.